This upcoming Cup Trip- The Cup 2022  is our 25th edition/anniversary.  

For this reason, our staff has decided to reach back to a few of our favorite former Cup athletes and other retired athletes to see if we might bring you back for this landmark anniversary.   

  • Yep, we understand you may have to have to come out of retirement.  
  • Yep, we understand that you’re going to have to get back to the cages.  
  • Yep, we understand that maybe your job or school might need to be pushed aside for 4 or 5 days. 
  • Yep, that means you’ve got to start running and get in game-ready shape.
  • Yep, you have to get back into the ball groove – 1 more time!
  • Yep, this MIGHT be the time that you travel with that person that you REALLY wanted to travel with

I want you to be a part of our Cup anniversary team ONE more time!

We are looking for retired athletes that played at a great level bringing them back for 1 more time.

If you’re over 18, no need for a chaperone…

Bring a friend …imagine what THIS would be like…

 I’m sure that that helps.  Though the few we’ve spoken with about this they said they’d bring the ‘other’ parent this time.

25th Year Anniversary
Past Player Opportunity


If you think you’re too old….  check this video…

You may remember Marjolein. She’s now 29 years old, one of the Dutch National team’s pitchers and also
sidelines as a model….   

Join Us As We Welcome Our Past Players
Get that "one last time" experience you may have always wanted
Be a Part OF Our Team 1 More Time
Over 20 Past Players have already signed up - Are you next?
Don't Miss This One Last Opportunity Of A Lifetime
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Here’s the scoop:


Leave Jan 13 – Back Jan 20th


Yes, this does cost some money.  We have great strategies that you can make this possible without busting your budget.  Connect with us and we’ll share exactly how this can be done – ‘IF’ you’re sincerely interested.

Why you?

Our team has discussed this idea with quite a few former Cup athletes and they’ve shared they’d be more than interested in helping their girl make this adventure work for them.  

What a better way to:

  1. Get in shape
  2. Do something you loved once – but you get to do it again
  3. Play the game on a pretty cool stage – 1 more time…


We have a pretty awesome Cup Facebook page at The Cup NL 2021 that a lot of alumni is on, if  you’re not, please request and I’ll for sure l let you in.   If you’ve not seen our website in awhile – check it –

This past year we had more than 25 countries watching our event…. ….so we’ve grown up just a bit.